Admin Menu Editor Pro 菜单编辑器插件支持帮助你定制WordPress管理菜单,以更好地满足您的或你的客户的需求···

Admin Menu Editor Pro 菜单编辑器插件创建一个简单的,流线型的非技术用户管理菜单,使重要的菜单快速和容易的访问,同时隐藏混淆或混乱、复杂 WordPress 管理转化为容易理解的东西和导航···


  • 组织管理菜单中使用一个简单的拖放界面。
  • 根据用户的角色显示/隐藏菜单,功能或用户名。
  • 改变菜单标题、访问权限、URL、图标等等。
  • 导入和导出菜单配置。
  • 创建新菜单项。
  • 设置菜单项打开一个新窗口或IFrame。
  • 拖拽顶级子菜单项,或者反过来。
  • 物品移动到不同的子菜单。
  • 在菜单设置使用短码。
  • WordPress支持多站点/ WPMU。


2.2.2 (2016-05-11)
Fixed a bug that made menu items “jump” slightly to the left when you start to drag them.
Fixed a bug that caused menu items with the required capability “administrator” to appear unchecked (= hidden) for the Administrator role. This also applies to other roles.
Fixed a Multisite-specific bug where temporarily switching to another site using the switch_to_blog() function could result in the user having the wrong permissions.
When saving settings, the plugin will compress the menu data before sending it to the server. This reduces the chances of exceeding request size limits that are imposed by some hosting companies.
Tested up to WordPress 4.5.2.


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