Easy Social Share Buttons社会化分享按钮允许您共享上超过 40 的主要的社会网络,包括范围广泛的移动共享选项,除此之外你还将发送到邮件和 Print.Easy 社会化分享按钮为 WordPress 还包括 12 本机社会喜欢,评论按钮,这个按钮,爱跟随和订阅按钮,会增加你的社会以下和社会证明,社会化分享按钮Easy Social Share Buttons插件让你可以自由地控制显示的各个方面,而且我们简化具有简单易用快速安装向导的初始设置。

Easy Social Share Buttons插件特征:

  • 社会化分享
  • 喜欢按钮, 分享到订阅按钮
  • 分享统计
  • Social Metrics Lite
  • 分享统计

Easy Social Share Buttons插件更新日志:

version 3.7 (June 26, 2016)

NEW Include image parameter into click to tweet
NEW Option to deactivate check for news and extensions from Advanced Settings -> Administrative Options
NEW Added support for GetResponse, myMail and MailPoet into subscribe forms
NEW3 new designs into subscribe button
NEW Option to use easy-subscribe shortcode to create two step optin forms twostep=”true” twostep_mode=”popup|inline”
NEW Name field into subscribe forms
UPDATE Updated shortcode generator to include easy-subscribe shortcode
FIXED Problem with work of Print button in more popup


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