Easy Social Share Buttons社交分享按钮允许您共享上超过 40 的主要的社会网络,包括范围广泛的移动共享选项,除此之外你还将发送到邮件和 Print.Easy 社交分享按钮为 WordPress 还包括 12 本机社会喜欢,评论按钮,这个按钮,爱跟随和订阅按钮,会增加你的社会以下和社会证明。插件让你可以自由地控制显示的各个方面,而且我们简化具有简单易用快速安装向导的初始设置。


version 3.5 (March 20, 2016)
NEW 4 new templates Bold (Retina), Fancy Bold (Retina), Retro (Retina), Metro Bold (Retina)
NEW 14 new attention grabbing icon animations
NEW 14 new attention grabbing button animations
NEW Easy Mode added
NEW Add support for newsharecounts.com
NEW Super social Post Share Bar display method added
NEW 3 new templates into Click To Tweet added (Dark, Lite, Quote)
NEW Free add-on added Post Views with option to automatically display post views with share buttons or use it in theme or with shortcode
NEW Option in followers counter to clear stored values for full fresh update
NEW Run time cache using WordPress cache API
UPDATE Removed from options Twitter API end point as that feature is no longer available
UPDATE Improved style and script loaded for additional display methods
UPDATE Improved dynamic resource generation
UPDATE Updated plugin core for faster work
UPDATE Updated short url options – now options for shortening are set from one place in Short URL settings
UPDATE Line share address for compatibility with iOS 9
UPDATE Update On media sharing with option to exclude image classes that are moved to on media element
UPDATE Updated On media template icons and style
FIXED Fixed problem with on media display producing error
FIXED Fixed problem with missing automatic updated message in some installations
FIXED Missing total social value in top social posts widget
FIXED Not turning on options in followers counter shortcode generator
FIXED Visual glitch in Jumbo templates when only displayed as icon
FIXED Problem with symbol | in Tweet
FIXED Open of new tab before start WhatsApp share
FIXED Not applying button align when custom position settings are used
FIXED Missing animations in Followers counter on some installations


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