• 响应的布局
  • 宽/盒装布局
  • 粘性/固定头
  • 丰富的文档
  • 儿童主题
  • FAQ,定价类型
  • 定制的POI图标字体
  • 评论和评级
  • 排序选项列表(价格、标题、流行、评级、日期)
  • 公里和英里支持地理定位
  • Google geocomplete
  • Dark/Light submenu
  • Prepared color combinations
  • 扩展开发人员文档
  • SASS的模块化SCSS
  • 字体的集成
  • reCAPTCHA集成
  • SEO友好
  • 准备gulpfile SASS自动化
  • 所有的字符串都妥善包装在翻译功能
  • 视网膜


Version 1.9.5  01. May 2016
- FEATURE: no more complicated widget logic conditions, use widget visibility options
- FEATURE: simple packages widget
- IMPROVEMENT: sessions are disabled by default
- IMPROVEMENT: support for cookie storage
- IMPROVEMENT: removed "filter-" prefix from filter fields in URL
- IMPROVEMENT: if filtering by distance (on map for example), closest listings have bigger order priority
- IMPROVEMENT: register, inquire and claim forms preserve data if form is invalid
- IMPROVEMENT: listing author widget is hidden if author profile is not set
- IMPROVEMENT: map reloads markers when geocomplete location is changed
- IMPROVEMENT: improved performance
- IMPROVEMENT: support for Google reCAPTCHA in review form
- IMPROVEMENT: choose listing type step will be skipped for single post type websites
- TWEAK: inventor_metabox_field_enabled filter applies to listing_locations field too
- TWEAK: price filter field use single value instead of 2
- FIX: fixed missing translation strings
- FIX: fixed translation for package expiration date
- FIX: fixed listing type in watchodg lookup
- FIX: fixed redirection url after watchodg removal
- FIX: minor CSS fixes and some improvements
- FIX: map filter is hidden if map is closed on mobile devices
- FIX: fixed share modal on mobile devices
- FIX: opening hours for manual offset fix
- FIX: reCAPTCHA toggle fix in inquire form widget settings
- FIX: fixed missing date placeholder in inquire form
- FIX: inquire form fix
- FIX: banner type fix

- New WP filters
- inventor_visitor_data_storage (options: COOKIE/SESSION, default = COOKIE)
- inventor_metabox_field_name
- inventor_metabox_field_description
- inventor_asynchronous_scripts
- inventor_submission_allowed_listing_post_types


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