Substance Painter是一款3D材质软件,可纹理制作,渲染和三维结合工作,使用该软件,可以使用一套完整的纹理工具,例如:PBR和粒子绘图,具有透明度控制的画笔,材质和智能蒙版的程序效果。

Substance Painter是一款全新的3D设计,可为我们以前从未见过的现代游戏创建质感,该软件可作为最具创新性和用户友好的3D材质绘图之一,选择画笔,选择材质并根据需要进行编辑,然后开始绘画,每个动作一次应用于所有通道并立即渲染,还可以在4K分辨率下为每个地图设计网格中的多种材质。

Substance Painter 2018.1.2.2309 更新日志:

Summary: Improved Baking Speed, Improved Save System, Updated Sliders, Updated Plugin API, Chinese Translation, Improved Padding now Optional
[Bakers] Performance improvement with new baker version
Force display dialog with incompatible GPU
[Save] Expose new compact project functionality (full/compact save mode)
[Save] Inform user in case of saving error
[Clean] Next save in full/compact mode
[Sliders] Improvement of the precision of the color/grayscale bars and sliders
[Sliders] Addition of Up/Down arrow controls
[Sliders] Same detection zone for color and grayscale bar sliders
[Plugin] Autosave always in incremental mode
[Plugin] Option to switch plugins to new interface style
[Language] Add Chinese translation
[Padding] Option to switch between UV and 3D space neighbor padding per Texture Set in Texture Set Settings
[Script] Expose save mode: full/compact or incremental
[Script] Update scripting/QML documentation
[Log] Indicate save mode in log (full/compact or incremental)

[Tool] Channel slot transforms into a material slot on single-channel fills
Crash when loading a mesh (FBX) with some faces not assigned by a material
Crash in Iray with NVIDIA GRID 5.2 on virtual machine
Crash when undoing a material preset deletion
Crash when loading some projects
[Command line] New command line for UDIMs meshes split-by-udim
[Toolbar] Shrinking of the toolbar
[Instancing] Cannot instantiate bitmaps across multiple texture sets
[Viewport] Refresh is not complete when painting on mesh with tiled UVs
[Iray] Normal Map is applied twice for dielectrics
[Shelf] Typos in some Substance parameters (alphas, procedurals and matfx)
[Shelf] Typo for the bitmap “Authorized Personnel Only”
[Script] Function alg.shaders.materials() does not work anymore