Arnold 渲染作品集合

Arnold To Cinema4D v2.4.4更新日志:

Separate azimuthal roughness in standard_hair: You can now specify different roughness values for the azimuthal and longitudinal distributions on the standard_hair shader. A new Azimuthal Roughness parameter is used when Anisotropic Roughness is enabled. The Roughness parameter is then used to control the longitudinal roughness. When Anisotropic Roughness is disabled, Roughness controls both the azimuthal and longitudinal distributions as before.
Linkable toon uv/angle_threshold: The toon shader’s UV Threshold and Angle Threshold parameters are now linkable.
Show cryptomatte preview AOVs

Add Velvet preset to the material library

Random IPR crash when subdivision is enabled
Crash when texture path contains non-ASCII characters
Displacement scalar zero value should not be in length unit
Materials used in alpha stacking are removed when removing unused materials


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