Auto Rig Pro为动画制作者和装配者提供了一个经过验证的工作流程,用于制作电影和提供Unity和虚幻引擎支持,必须使用Blender 2.78c或以上,而建议2.79。

Blender角色绑定插件:Auto-Rig Pro 3.4.17-3.41.52
Blender角色绑定插件:Auto-Rig Pro 3.4.17-3.41.52



All features have been ported to Blender 2.8 API.

[WARNING!] 3.41 is currently a beta version: it means it’s not ready yet, there may be bugs, crashes. Especially since Blender 2.8 itself is still in beta stage!

It should not be used for production and serious projects. It’s only for testing and experiments, for informed users who want to play with the rigs in Blender 2.8. The latest stable release is the 3.40 version for Blender 2.79, download and use it for production usage.


New or improved:

Rig: New “Empty” armature to build a rig from scratch, instead of starting from a biped/quadruped basis. New button to add limbs. New button to adjust the selected limb parameters.

Rig: Disabling a spine bone no more disables the neck and head limbs as well

Rig: Ears bones amount can now be adjusted

Rig: Neck bones amount of duplicated necks can now be adjusted 

Rig: The auto-eyelid rotations are now constrained to avoid aberrant angles

Rig: Update Armature now show an informative line to warn the user to click Match to Rig afterward

Picker: Errors are now better handled, if the target bone is not found or a bone shape is missing, the error is skipped

Fbx Export: Actions can now selectively be removed before exporting

Fbx Export: Root motion option is now available for Universal type

Fbx Export: Added Primary and Secondary bones axis selection

Fbx Export: Shape keys are now baked and exported in all cases


Fbx Export: The simplify value is now set to 0.05 by default, to avoid rotation issues of IK chains.

Fbx Export: Some single limbs could prevent export to work

Fbx Export: “Fix Fbx Bones Rotations” could lead to issues 

Fbx Export: Renaming for UE and exporting the tail as humanoid could lead to wrong parenting

Fbx Export: Exporting only the armature now adds a dummy mesh for correct export

Fbx Export: Multiple ears bones are now exported as Humanoid

Fbx Export: New “Fix Bones Matrix” checkbox in rare cases of incorrect bones rotations export

Rig: The ear bones could not be disabled, breast bones did not deform by default

Rig: With scene units set to 0.01, the legs bones could be defective

Remap: Cancelling the Redefine Rest Pose could not work as expected, fixed the copy bones orientations feature

Remap: Improved Auto-Scale feature