Chief Architec是一款专业的3D建筑家居规划软件,他让家居规划、室内规划、厨房和澡堂的规划愈加的简略,Chief Architec支持多种自动化结构功用,简略易用,非常的强壮!假如你是室内规划师、建筑师、或是想自学室内规划,那么绝对是一个很值得学习的软件。

Chief Architect更新日志

2.1 Program Overview
• Fixed an issue on the Mac that resulted in incorrect notifications that the license was
active on another computer.
• Fixed a problem in the Mac version of the software that caused the “Quit” option in
the menu to become inaccessible.
• Fixed an issue that could cause the Status Bar height to change, causing the screen to
2.2 Window and View Tools
• Improved performance when panning and zooming in large plans.
• Fixed a problem that prevented Undo from working correctly after changing Layer Sets
in a saved plan view.
• Fixed an issue that caused grid lines to draw on top of walls when the Reference Floor
Display was turned on with Draw First and XOR drawing options.
2.3 CAD Tools
• Improved the spacing of text from schedules after the CAD Detail from View tool is
2.4 Walls, Railings and Fencing
• Fixed an issue that resulted in an errant attic wall generating on the floor above a room
with the Shelf Ceiling specification.
• Restored the ability to specify a pony wall with a solid railing on top.
• Fixed a problem that prevented a wall cap from generating on a pony wall if the lower
wall top was above a certain height.
• Restored the functionality of the Edit Default Foundation Wall and Edit Default Slab
Footing buttons in the Build Foundation dialog.
• Fixed a case where a wall extended down through the pony wall located below it.
• Corrected a case where resizing a wall using a dimension line would cause it to lose
connection with intersecting walls at its ends.
• Fixed an error that occurred when opening a legacy plan.
• Corrected a problem that caused the trim on Wall Niches to be incorrectly offset from
the wall.

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