Corgi Engine – 2D 25D Platformer是一款适合你游戏的紧凑(非基于物理学的控制)角色控制器,它非常快速,适用于桌面,移动设备和任何你想要的地方,包含功能并不断更新,这是创建2D + 2.5D平台游戏或游戏所需的最佳工具!

2D 25D Platformer v4.5.1更新日志:

v4.5.1 (当前)已发布 2018年4月27日
– Adds damage and death animation parameters
– Adds an option to auto destroy a weapon from the inventory if it’s been depleted
– Adds an option to override the default prompt gameobject for button operated zones (and dialogue zones).
– Adds a dedicated interaction button, separate from jump, to use to interact with zones, dialogues, etc
– Fixes the path to add Camera parallax and elements
– Fixes a situation where the push animation wouldn’t reset properly
– Fixes a bug where the collider would remain stuck in crouch size while jumping
– Fixes a rare case where the movement multiplier of a weapon would prevent movement incorrectly
– Fixes a bug that could cause the TimeModifier pickup item not to work properly
– Fixes a bug that could prevent from reloading when mixing inputs fast
– Fixes ability sounds on the CharacterPush ability
– Fixes default jump restrictions on all playable character prefabs.
– Fixes a potential error with chests when trying to open them twice under certain conditions
– Separates third party libraries into their own folder and updates the Tilemap library