Unity3D地形环境编辑器扩展EasyRoads3D Pro的道路创造和参数化建模,创造道路快捷方便,现在也在开始或结束的道路混合,内置的参数化建模工具以及实例化的预制件是无穷无尽的功能。

栅栏,树篱,墙壁,管道,树线,桥梁,火车轨道系统或任何其他类型的几何形状沿着路径,只需要几次点击即可构建几何,需要Unity 4.3.2或更高版本。

v3.0.2 & v3.1 beta 2 (当前)已发布 2018年3月30日

v3.1 beta 2
– Insert Connection: Matching connection prefabs based on road types can now be inserted at any marker position

– Snap Roads: When moving the first or last marker of a road over another road section a blue circle will be displayed when matching connection prefabs exist for the involved roads. Releasing the mouse button will auto insert the connection prefab at this position.


– The list of available connection prefabs when the first of last marker of a road is selected has been removed from the selected roads Inspector. Instead the list will displayed in the crossings tab (3rd from the left). To list all connection prefabs, click on the terrain.


– Instant X T crossing option in the Inspector of the selected Connection Prefab
– Instant Sidewalks activate / deactivate option in the Inspector of the selected Connection Prefab
– uv3 and uv4 support for custom connection prefabs
– Cancel option when importing OSM / KML road data
– Option to remove existing road objects when importing OSM / KML road data


– Wrong sidewalk caps on bended T crossings when sidewalks on connected roads are disabled
– Interfering connection rectangle on the first connection prefab index when the marker of the attached road is selected
– OSM import road type related ArgumentOutOfRangeException
– Side objects not updating after sidewalk changes
– Side objects snapping to (0,0,0) when the road length is smaller then half the default distance between side object instances



– Scripting API:
public Vector3 GetLocalConnectionPosition(int connectionIndex)
Returns the local position of connectionIndex.

public Vector3[] GetLocalConnectionPositions()
Returns the local positions of all the connections of this connection prefab

– Procedural Side Object generation. This significantly reduces the processing time especialy when switching between Build and Edit Mode

– Exporting / importing road types. This now works as expected, the selected road types are exported instead of the unselected.

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