FLIP Fluids是Blender一款功能强大的液体模拟插件,可让我们在Blender中创建高质量的电影流体效果!

FLIP Fluids

FLIP Fluids addon是一种现代化的基于FLIP的流体解算器,已经开发了三年多,经过一年多的开发,专注于将模拟器紧密集成到Blender中作为插件。

创建FLIP流体模拟器是为了改进Blender内部Elbeem流体模拟系统的许多方面,如速度,性能,准确性,可定制性和用户体验。使用熟悉且直观的仿真工作流程,因此如果有内部流体模拟器或其他流体模拟软件的经验,将能够立即启动并运行FLIP Fluids!

FLIP Fluids v9.0.5.3更新日志:

Feb 01 2019
This will be the last experimental release before a stable release of 1.0.5
Added support for missing features in Blender 2.80 (#404)
Added sheeting effects feature to World panel (documentation)
Added ‘Surface Tension Stability’ parameter to World panel (documentation)
Misc material and preset library fixes
Fixed bug where particles could escape the domain and trigger an ‘Out of Range’ error (#415)
Fixed precision error what could cause fluid meshes to be scaled incorrectly (#414)
Fixed bug where debug information would be drawn when domain object is hidden or not on selected layer (#416)
Fixed bug where estimated surface tension substeps could have a negative value (#417)
Fixed bug where the ‘Reload Frame’ operator could ignore reloading a frame (#419)
Fixed bug where simulation could crash when resuming a bake
Setting inflow ‘Substep Emissions’ to 0 will cause the inflow only emit fluid on the first substep of a frame (documentation)
Updated surface tension parameter to a more appropriate/stable default value
Moved ‘Surface Tension Safety Factor’ to World panel as ‘Surface Tension Accuracy’ (documentation)
Obstacle ‘Expand’ setting now has small soft min/max value restrictions to guide users towards smaller values (documentation)
Improved collisions with animated obstacles

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