Thea Render是一款C4D强大的渲染器,在他们的建模应用程序用户以最高质量逼真渲染,Thea Render提供了一系列先进的工具,积极发展以满足可视化需求,Thea Render支持Cinema 4D交互式区域渲染,它更进一步集成自己的综合暗房,反应更快,用户工作流程,摄像机和材质变化进行了优化,以提供最好的互动体验···

Thea for Cinema 4D is the perfect companion for Cinema 4D users who want the highest quality photorealistic rendering inside their modeling application. The plug-in offers a list of advanced tools while being actively developed to meet the most demanding visualization requirements.

In every work involving visualization, the natural way of lighting and physically correct materials play the most important role. Thea Render light simulation and our unique material system ensure that all your images will take advantage of these essential qualities. No matter whether you render a simple interior design or a detailed product presentation with complex materials the image will tell a whole story for itself. You can focus on your artistic expression while Thea will take care of the final result.

While Thea Render supports interactive render region in Cinema 4D, it goes one step further with its own integrated darkroom, reacting much faster to user workflow. Camera and material changes are optimized so as to give the best interactive experience.


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