InControl是Unity统一的跨平台输入管理器,使用简单,强大的API,InControl可以快速添加控制器对您游戏的支持,需要Unity 4.7.2或更高版本。


Xbox 360 控制器
Xbox One 控制器
PS3 和 PS4 控制器
PlayStation Vita PSM
Apple MFi控制器(iOS 7+,Apple TV)
OUYA, Amazon Fire and many more!
XInput,with rumble! (Windows)

Incontrol v1.7.0更新日志:

* Added additional controllers supported by 360Controller 0.16.6 on Mac.
* Added Xiaomi Remote profile for Android TV.
* Added `InputManager.ActiveDevices` that contains all devices active during the last update tick.
* Added `BindingListenOptions.OnBindingEnded`, called after listening for bindings is ended (for any reason).
* Added iCade support for tvOS.
* Added UWP support using the `Windows.Gaming.Input` framework.
* Added `TwoAxisInputControl.DeadZoneFunc` which may be set to `DeadZone.Circular` (default), `DeadZone.Separate` or a custom deadzone function.
* Added more performance optimizations.
* Fixed `XboxOneInputDevice` to properly clamp vibration values.
* Removed beta label from Native Input module. It’s time.
* BREAKING CHANGE: Removed 32-bit Native Input plugin on macOS.
* BREAKING CHANGE: Removed custom profiles functionality deprecated in v1.5.12.
* BREAKING CHANGE: `InputDevice.LastChangeTick` has been replaced with `InputDevice.LastInputTick`
* BREAKING CHANGE: `InputDevice.LastChangedAfter()` has been replaced with `InputDevice.LastInputAfter()`
* BREAKING CHANGE: Whether a device is considered active is now determined by whether any control gives nonzero input rather than whether the control value changed. Controls or devices with their `Passive` property set will never be considered active. This makes device activation more intuitive and properly handles multiple devices being active simultaneously, enabling `InputManager.ActiveDevices` to exist. `InputManager.ActiveDevice` can now also be more “sticky” and will only be changed if the device is inactive, which helps mitigate certain broken situations where a mirrored virtual device exists in the OS.