CG实时渲染软件Marmoset Toolbag V3.0.2 Win信息:

为了表达对工作的喜欢,我们已经发布了免费更新! Marmoset Toolbag 3.02增加了一些新的功能和错误修复,突出的发布是材质动画支持和闪亮的新的折射着色器,包括一些方便的新增,改进和修复。


  • 材质动画!
  • 折射着色器!
  • 智能纹理加载,拖动纹理到调色板上创建新材料,或加载到现有材料上
  • 贝克“平滑过滤器”选项用于几何平滑
  • EXR文件输出截图和动画
  • 显示/隐藏高/低贝克对象的切换按钮
  • 新的灯现在自动放置在相机方向
  • RGB关键帧的色彩随时间显示


Many baker fixes:
Baker auto reloads now retain all settings
Cage vertex offset directions are now better
Texture tiling support for material bakes
Cage offset is now consistent with display
Improved smart-load suffix & name matching
Baker viewport preview now works with wireframes
Improved tablet support, if you’re having issues with your tablet
try the Tablet-Friendly Input setting in Edit-> Preferences
Various stability fixes
Animation Property view display has been tweaked
Animation fixes for object transforms
Scenes with > 32 lights now display (more) correctly
Improved Local Reflections to omit background image correctly
Viewer preview option now more reliable
Better support for writing more compatible layered PSD files
Support for ArtStation pro file size limits
Better scaled UI appearance
Drag & drop now works with scaled UI
Better functioning progress bar for long jobs

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