Master Audio AAA Sound是Unity的音频解决方案。

Master Audio为咱们供给了极大的易用性,速度,功用和灵敏性,远远超出任何竞争者,为什么要使用另一个动力缺乏的解决方案并糟蹋你的时刻编写代码?咱们将每个场景从简略到杂乱编码,假如没有Playmaker,咱们甚至能够具有自己的灵敏的“无编码”事情脚正本招引声响。

Master Audio AAA Sound v4.1.6 更新日志

– Fixed bug: Occlusion hit triggers for raycasts code was incomplete.
– Fixed bug: RelationsInspector code would throw errors in Unity Cloud.
– Fixed bug: EventSounds logs errors to Console if listening to Custom Events.
– Fixed bug: MasterAudio.IsTransformPlayingSoundGroup returned wrong results most of the time.
– Fixed bug: Reloading the current Scene would log errors to Console.
– Fixed bug: Deleting a Sound Trigger event in Event Sounds was not undo-able.
– Fixed bug: Duck Groups were not removed from MasterAudio game object when DGSC disabled. Instead they were still there but for “[None]” Sound Group.
– Fixed bug: Doing a Playlist Controller fade while the music is ducked would first reset the volume back to the pre-ducked volume (louder).
– Fixed bug: Linked Groups did not show Sound Groups from Dynamic Sound Group Creator game objects in the Scene.
– Fixed bug: Could not preview any Sound Group in a Dynamic Sound Group Creator if no MasterAudio game object is in the current Scene.
– Added “Trigger Stay” & “Trigger Stay 2D” event to Event Sounds, with an amount of seconds to wait before performing the audio events.
– Added “Add Song To Queue” to Event Sounds for Playlist Controllers.
– Added “GlideByPitch” API to Variation. You specify target pitch and how long the glide takes, with optional callback.
– Added “GlideByPitch” option to to Sound Group, with optional callback.
– Added “GlideByPitch” option to to Bus, with optional callback.
– Added “Glide By Pitch” option to EventSounds script in the Inspector for Play Sound, and to Group Command, and to Bus Command with Raise Pitch and Lower Pitch options.
– Added “ToggleSoundGroup” and “ToggleSoundGroupOfTransform” API’s. They will play the sound if it’s not playing and fade/stop it out if it is playing. Also added these options to Event Sounds – Sound Group Command.
– Fixed compile errors for Unity 2018 and possibly 2017 certain versions?
– “Use Random Start Position” on each Variation has been renamed to “Use Custom Start/End Position” and now contains another field for “End %” so you can end the clip on a certain percentage.
– Disabled “loop clip” when using Random Start/End Position, because it wouldn’t loop with the clip portion anyway, although we’ll try to add this feature later.
– Looped Chain transitions from one Variation to another are now seamless!
– End Linked Group transitions are now seamless!
– Removed “FX Tail Time” and “Add Filter FX” dropdown from Sound Groups. FX Tails and effects should be done on the Unity mixer.
– Added API to cancel the auto-unsubscribe SoundFinished delegate (if any) on a Variation. To use it, call the following: MasterAudio.GrabGroup(“SoundGroupName”).WillCleanUpDelegatesAfterStop = false;

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