Solid Angle公司的渲染器,这是3ds Max中的Arnold,通常我们业内叫MAXtoA,那么这个资源就是你开启CG作品的第一步,安装完成之后将从3ds Max程序的标准界面选择Arnold渲染器。

Arnold 渲染作品集合


  • 与3ds Max形式,照相机,照明和着色器集成
  • 支持基于图像的照明
  • 交互式渲染3ds Max ActiveShade,允许快速查看参数
  • 支持AOV和Deep EXR文件
  • 纹理网格灯
  • 支持第三方Arnold着色器

MAXtoA v2.1.949更新日志:

Option to retranslate the scene on a frame change: a new flag, called Re-translate Scene on a Frame Change was added to the rendering options. If enabled, the scene is re-translated from scratch on a frame change, when rendering a sequence. By default, from frame to frame, MAXtoA re-translates only the elements that changed, but there could be cases where these elements are not detected correctly. This new option simply re-exports all to Arnold, of course at the cost of the full scene translation time.
Update to Arnold

Point cloud with animated display volume not updating in animation.
Crash with legacy maps connected to Map to Material and legacy mode OFF.
Wrong Mode dropdown in vr_camera.
Minor toon shader layout improvement.

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