Modo角色建模制作视频教程 Maneuvering Points Vol 01
4小时54分钟| AAC,48kHz,2通道、S16、235 kb/s | H264,yuv420p,1728×1080、803 kb/s,30 fps | 2.3 GB


Maneuvering Points Vol 01 – Controlling Loops, Solving Poles and Other Modeling Predicaments by Javis Jones
4 hours 54 minutes | aac, 48KHz, 2 channels, s16, 235 kb/s | h264, yuv420p, 1728×1080, 803 kb/s, 30 fps | 2.3 GB
Genre: eLearning | English

A quick reference guide for dealing with common modeling issues.
This volume of videos will show you how to control your mesh while modeling, and not let the mesh control you. We discuss how, when and why to add geometry in specific locations on your mesh, how to take control of your edge/poly loops, solving a number of types of poles and a lot of other information that will take your modeling to the next level.
We also cover specific modeling techniques regarding these issues noted above as they relate to Organic Modeling, semi-Organic/Hard Surface Cartoon Style Modeling, Edge/Poly Loops Control for Animation and Localized Geometry Additions.
This series assumes a basic understanding of 3D Modeling and knowledge of your 3D modeling tool of choice. While I use Modo in the video, most other 3D modeling tools have equivalents.