Playmaker可以在Unity中快速制作游戏原型,行为,动画图,交互对象,剪辑场景,演练等等游戏开发可视化编程的项目,需要Unity 4.6.0或更高版本。


[PlayMaker v1.8.8 更新日志]

Bug Fixes
Fixed editor lag with looped states (bug in 1.8.7).
Fixed all events being marked global by Error Checker.
Sent By context menu in Event Manager now includes events sent by the selected FSM.
Fixed Sent By items with same path (e.g., GameObject : FSM : State 1) collapsing into a single menu item.
Fixed Clipboard/Missing Owner templates showing up in searches (e.g., event menus).
Fixed rendering glitch in Circuit Links if the link was perfectly horizontal.
Fixed toggling of global events in Event Browser.

Added preference to Ping editor windows if they’re already open:
Preferences > General > Ping Open Editor Windows
Clickable error box if event needs to be global. Click to make the event global.

PlayMaker v1.8.8 2018年1月05日更新 大小:18.1 MB

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