Playmaker可以在Unity中快速制作游戏原型,行为,动画图,交互对象,剪辑场景,演练等等游戏开发可视化编程的项目,需要Unity 4.6.0或更高版本。


Playmaker v1.9.0更新日志:


Integrated UI actions and events (previously available us uGUI Addon).
Various optimizations to reduce GC, load times and increase runtime performance.
Added Convert sub-menu in variable selection so you can select compatible variables.

Added Category Icons in Action Browser and Action Titlebar.
Show total usage count on each Action Category button.
Show progress bar on running actions.
Synchronize debug time when switching between FSM Logs and Timeline Log.
Allow Components in Call Method action (E.g., CanvasRenderer)
Right-click Minimap button to open state selection menu

Fixed build setup for Nintendo Switch.
New Action Attributes:
DisplayOrder – control display order of a field
HideIfAttribute – conditionally hide an action field
SettingsMenuItemAttribute – add a method to the action’s setting menu
PreviewFieldAttribute – specify a custom method to draw a preview under a field
HideInInspector – editor now respects this Unity attribute allowing you to hide public fields
Added right-click context menu to variable selection button:
Edit Variable: Selects the variable in the Variables tab or Global Variables Window.
Used By: See where this variable is used. Click to jump there.

Allow open/closing actions without triggering the “editing while playing” warning.
Default to single line editors for Vector2, Vector3 etc. Exposed as a Preference.
Experimental preference to auto-summarize collapsed actions.
Consistent Unity editor styles for fixed headers and footers.
Improved FSM and Template inspectors (better prefab and undo/redo handling).
Improved Add-ons page in Welcome Window.

Removed iTween from the default install. The iTween actions can be imported in Welcome Window > Add-ons, BUT the user must now import iTween themselves.
Some systems moved to Legacy section in Welcome Window > Add-ons
Bug Fixes

Fixed Unity 2018.2 beta errors (old networking lib was removed).
Fixed “Owner needs a Collider…” error check on Mouse events with Collider2D.
Fixed scene always marked dirty if variable selected in the Variables Manager (#1738)
Fixed potential duplicate variables when copying actions to another FSM (#1740)
Fixed selection when de-maximizing editor or focusing tabbed editor.
Fixed double-click editing of category names in variables tab.
Fixed bug where ArrayEditor was resetting the Object arrays (#1746)
Fixed undo/redo in Template Browser.
Fixed errors if missing Watermarks folder/textures.

PlayMaker v1.8.9 2018年1月27日更新 大小:17.3 MB