Arnold 渲染作品集合

Houdini渲染器Arnold v3.2.0更新日志:

Round corners shader: This shader modifies the shading normals near edges to give the appearance of a round corner. The simpler way to use this shader is to connect its output normal to standard_surface.normal or standard_surface.coat_normal (core#7517)
Normal map blending: A new normal_map blending mode was added to the layer_rgba shader. This makes easier to create fine details and is more efficient than connecting multiple bump or normal mapping nodes. (core#7523)
Faster adaptive subdivision: Faster adaptive subdivision due to more efficient computation of irregular patches: x2 speedup in some cases. (core#7344, core#7444, core#7488)
Faster operator evaluation: Operator evaluation is now up to 20x faster on large scenes thanks to expression caching and graph pre-processing. (core#7001, core#7508)
JSON log file additions: The JSON stats file has more info, such as the hardware used. (core#7196)
LPE image metadata: Output image metadata now includes the full light path expression for each layer. (core#7499)
Alembic archives: The Alembic procedural will reuse alembic file handles, keeping up to 8 file handles open for better cache handling in parallel node initialisation. (core#7071)

Incompatible changes
Range shader gain: The gain parameter on the range shader is now inverted for consistency with the AiGain() API function (core#7477)
JSON stats change: The JSON stats format has changed in order to resolve some ambiguities with nested fields. (core#7074, core#7530)
JSON stats version: The JSON stats file now has a “JSON log version” field that will be incremented each time a breaking change is made to the JSON stats format. (core#7530)

Alembic packed primitive translation optimisations motion (htoa#1023)
Optimisations for rendering multiple alembic primitives (htoa#1106, core#7493)
MaterialX generated shaders are scoped under their node graph names. (core#7443)
Unexpected missing parameter warning on custom procedural instances. (core#7548)
Copy id to child alembic nodes. (core#7442)
Shaders should check that samples are always strictly positive. (core#7573)
Alembic geometry has incorrect transform with make_instance enabled. (core#7567)
Alembic transform/deformation motion blur mismatch. (core#7539)
The first parameter of OSL nodes is not initialized to the default value. (core#7524)
Remove the OptiX dependency on mac. (core#7520)
User parameters not properly propagated or read from parent procedural. (core#7516)
Alembic Crash with arbGeoParam array property. (core#7507)
Autobump (and bump) disappear for some pixels. (core#7505)
Aembic procedural expansion with make_instance on using an object_transform parameter. (core#7501)
Noice: when looking for feature AOVs prioritize AOVs with the correct filter. (core#7497)
Kick -laovs should not grab a license. (core#7495)
Add sheen AOV labels. (core#7492, htoa#1105)
Texture baking: small triangles can cause artifacts. (core#7480)
Gain function in range shader is inverted. (core#7477)
Alembic object transform fix. (core#7475)
Curves memory report missing some entries. (core#7474)
Shadow group is not inherited in ginstance. (core#7472)
D’Eon BCSDF must be evaluated when `base_color` is small. (core#7470)
Render callback does not support an “empty” callback. (core#7467)
MateialX: Supported parameter arrays are not processed by operator and node definition generation. (core#7466)
Adaptive camera samples higher than expected. (core#7461)
Thread safety of alembic procedural tokenize function. (core#7456)
Cell noise time not evaluated when linked. (core#7445)
Volume AOVs: shadow rays interfere with new Z and ID AOVs. (core#7432)
Volumes: register new AOV volume_Z. (core#7431)
Transform motion in procedural that only contains lights can give invalid lights. (core#7422)
Make flatness check for quad_light more robust. (core#7419)
Noice: skip denoising AOVs with no associated variance. (core#7418)
Noice: support additional channel suffixes and warn if the suffix is unsupported. (core#7417)
Noice: incorrect handling of variance AOVs in a separate file. (core#7416)
Noice: issues with certain crop windows combinations. (core#7415)
Aembic files with single entry array attributes should be considered not arrays. (core#7413)
Metadata lexer should ignore more than three # in a row. (core#7388)
Nested timing stats are ambiguous in json output. (core#7074)
Recover from failed optix launches. (core#6727)
Export full path instead of node name when writing to .ass while expanding procedurals. (core#6221)
Alembic transform incorrect with motion blur. (core#7579)
Alembic with make_instance and parallel node init enabled causes disappearing geometry. (core#7478)
Alembic crash with make_instance enabled and changing frames. (core#7446)