Unity的Space Combat Kit旨在让大家轻松的创建单个太空游戏。


  • 各种飞行控制选项。
  • 在检查器中自定义和调整控件。
  • 6自由空间飞行。
  • 升压模式。
  • 提供重新连接的集成。
Space Combat Kit For Unity太空游戏
Space Combat Kit For Unity太空游戏


  • 弹丸武器。
  • 光束武器(脉冲和稳定)。
  • 将武器绑定到触发器
  • 针对多种武器在HUD上引导目标可视化。
  • 多种导弹锁定功能。
  • 目标协助/快照。
Space Combat Kit For Unity太空游戏
Space Combat Kit For Unity太空游戏


  • 目标选择(下一个,上一个,最近,前面)。
  • VR-ready HUD。
  • HUD目标跟踪盒。
  • 关闭屏幕目标跟踪箭头。
  • 铅目标十字线。
  • 3D全息雷达。
  • 仪表板目标全息图。
  • 为不同的团队/类型自定义图形和颜色。
  • 屏幕上有许多目标的效率
Space Combat Kit For Unity太空游戏
Space Combat Kit For Unity太空游戏


1.21 (当前)已发布 2019年1月3日


  • Rewired HOTAS joystick and gamepad generic templates integrated for gameplay and all menus (no need for mouse/keyboard at all).
  • Rewired map activation manager – specify which controller maps are activated in different game states.
  • Cockpit menu for efficient access of vehicle subsystem controls.
  • Rumble manager to provide single source for camera shakes and controller vibration.
  • Rewired controller vibration for boost, missile hit, collision and death.
  • Game State Manager for easy management of game state transitions.
  • Demo manager no longer inherits from Game Manager base class, to make it easier to modify the demo.
  • Added ability to specify displayable trackable types for 3D radar and target tracking.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed player explosion looping.
  • Fixed Health Fixture not deactivating embedded health fixtures.
  • Game Agent onGameAgentChangedStateEventHandler delegate now carries reference to Game Agent.
  • Separated vehicle Label from trackable Label.
  • 3D radar and target tracking default to White for widget color.
  • Lack of RadarSceneManager in the scene now displays an error in the console by the Radar component.
  • Fixed ‘ambiguous function call’ compile errors in EnergyShield.shader when building for PS4.
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