Substance Alchemist是专门用于材质创作,探索和管理的下一代工具,不同的技术和创建方法(基于过程,基于捕获,基于AI和手动)可帮助大家管理整个材质库并将其导出到其他应用程序。

Substance Alchemist 0.8.0 RC.4-9 Win64 – 材质创作管理软件

Substance Alchemist特征:

材质创作管理软件:Substance Alchemist v0.7.3 rc.3 141
Substance Alchemist
  • 创建和迭代材料集合-直观的简洁性可帮助您构建庞大的材料库。
  • 调整并混合现有材质-将元素组合在一起以创建新的完全参数化材质。
  • 从扫描中提取新材质-从单个或多个图像创建材质。
  • 导入和使用过滤器-在Substance Designer中创建过滤器。
  • 在Project Substance Alchemist中导入和使用过滤器-还可以下载物质制造过滤器,用于物质分享上的Project Substance Alchemist。



  • [Resources] Connect and mirror your material folders on your local disks
  • [Resources] Browse your materials folders and their subfolders
  • [Resources] Detach your material resources panel in a separate window to see your resources in full screen
  • [Resources] New Resources panel Layout to support folders and subfolders navigation
  • [Resources] Use the breadcrum to navigate through your folders
  • [Resources] Force the synchronization of your local folder with the Sync option accessible via righ-click
  • [Resources] Disconnect your local folder with the Disconnect option accessible via righ-click
  • [Manage] Display embedded tags of Substance files
  • [Manage] Add, edit and delete tags of your materials
  • [Manage] Rate your materials
  • [Layers] Support Panorama output
  • [Layers] You can delete Image inputs in the Image Import layer
  • [Layers] Automatic selection of the new added layer
  • [Layers] Automatic selection of the layer below after a layer deletion
  • [UX] Keep left panels visibility when switching to another Lab
  • [UX] Do not create a base layer or open the Material Workflow popup when importing images in a non-empty layers stack
  • [UI] New Textfield style
  • [UI] New SearchBox style
  • [UI] New Panel header style
  • [UI] New Busy indicator style
  • [UI] New Layers stack background style
  • [UI] Use Adobe Clean font
  • [UI] Remove eyedropper icon placeholder of color input parameter
  • [Performance] Busy indicator optimization
  • [Content] New Pattern Generator filter
  • [Content] New Blur filter


  • [Inspire] Fix crash when using more than 10 colors
  • [2D View] Fix scrollbar on the channel list of the 2D view
  • [Viewer] Fix crash when importing a non power of 2 environment map
  • [Content] Fix PNG import for custom pattern of Embossing and Perforation filters
  • [Export] Fix normal and height 16 bits per channel export
  • Fix an infinite loop when importing a material with two presets that have the same name
  • Fix long file path display in the Base Material Layer

Known Issues:

  • Use of multiple delighters in one material is not recommended
  • Delighter crashes with older NVIDIA drivers (Less than 400.x)
  • Fast visibility toggle of a Delighter stage is not recommended
  • Tif images are not showing in Properties panel in the Image import layer
  • Coma or point can be ignored when typing a specific value in a slider
  • Normal to height filter can crash on MacOS
  • Can crash randomly when exiting on MacOS