Substance Designer可以创建任何复杂的纹理的好工具,可以在软件中通过视觉设计实时的创建,该程序支持大量图像格式,用于导入和导出图像以供以后处理,SSS强烈推荐学习Substance系列的软件。

从以上的图像可以看出,Substance Designer对于未来纹理的编辑效果是显而易见的,关键是他还可以集成到游戏引擎虚幻引擎4,Unity3D,3Ds Max,Maya中去,所有我们利用此软件可以轻松地创建所需要的图像。

2017.2.2 更新日志

[Content] Typos in “Directional …” nodes
[Content] Various Typos
[Content] Tile Sampler is set to “Absolute 32 bit”
[Content] Shape Mapper: visible artefacts on the shape border in some cases
[Content] tiling and “Non-Square Expansion” parameters in Polygon 1 are broken
[Content] “Random Seed” and “Non-Square Expansion” don’t work on Anisotropic Noise
[Content] Broken “Shape” instance in some Grunge Maps
[3D View] UV scaling is not applied if the height scale is 0
[3D View] Reflection with shader blinn don’t work anymore
[2D View] Information window has its layout broken
[Graph] issue when controling output size with function on a linked bitmap instanced in a graph
[Function] Graph not invalidated when a link is deleted
[Library] Favorites don’t work
[PSD Export] PSD file content change each time an export is done
[Gradient] Crash when manipulating keys in the gradient editor
[Templates] Position map for Substance Painter templates is incorrect
[AxF] Wrong physical height
[MDL] UVW scaling from physical size is inverted in MDL SBS nodes
[Bakers] $custom doesn’t work anymore
[Preferences] crash on start on Mac