Substance Painter是一款3D材质软件,可纹理制作,渲染和三维结合工作,使用该软件,可以使用一套完整的纹理工具,例如:PBR和粒子绘图,具有透明度控制的画笔,材质和智能蒙版的程序效果。

Substance Painter 2018视频展示

Substance Painter操作界面

Substance Painter是一款全新的3D设计,可为我们以前从未见过的现代游戏创建质感,该软件可作为最具创新性和用户友好的3D材质绘图之一,选择画笔,选择材质并根据需要进行编辑,然后开始绘画,每个动作一次应用于所有通道并立即渲染,还可以在4K分辨率下为每个地图设计网格中的多种材质。

Substance Painter 材质视频展示

Substance Painter 2018.3.1.2619更新日志:

Release date: 2018/12/06
Summary: hotfix
[Symmetry][Viewport] Symmetry painting in the 2D view is back and now features a clone brush preview fixed

[Export] 2D view export outputs a black texture in some cases
[IRay] Normal information becomes incorrect in IRay after instancing a material layer
Non square texture sets can lead in some cases to crash
[Undo] Several Ctrl+Z can randomly lead in few cases to crash
[QML] AlgScrollView can create a warning in the log in some cases (binding loops)

Known Issues:
Computation freeze in some cases on AMD VEGA GPUs
Huion tablet issue with shortcuts on Windows OS
Anti-aliasing and shadows when active together may give unexpected results


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