Raginbear StreetProps 01是UE4中的对象,包含4中类型的:安全摄像机。室内。室外。不同风格的长凳、新旧消防栓、还有可以在任何街道上找到的垃圾桶。


Number of Materials: 47 mats (containing variations)
Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation?
Modular: Yes
Number of Textures: 82
Texture Resolution: 2×512| 23×1024| 56×2048| 1×4096

All props are wrapped into a Blueprint, for multi mesh fast material change there is a slot for material which will automatically update it on all submeshes. All models have lightmap uv’s set up. All material instances share STDRB shader parent. Almost all textures are 2k. Shader has colormask and material instances allow quick color change. Shader has vivid color parameter that widens possible color range. (or shrinks depending on scene). STDRB shader has also some additional parameters that are self explanatory.

Texture composition used:
Albedo (RGB) colormask (A)
Roughness (RGB) metallic (A)
AO (RGB) emission (A)

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