UE4 Simple Farm 4.19系列中的最新包,包含UnrealEngine的简单的农场,这个资源可以为我们的游戏世界带来了乡村生活的一小部分,包括演示场景。


Vehicles (x7):
Tractor Classic (x3), Tractor New (x3), Tractor Digger (x3), Harvester(x3), Harvester Hay(x3), Plow(x2), Farm truck(x3), and Farm Flatbed(x3)

House01, House 02, Barn small (x3), Barn medium(x3), Barn big(x3), Shed, Chicken house(x2) and Pig pen.

Windmill, Outhouse, Hay bale(x2), Haystack, Well, Pitchfork 01, Pitchfork 02, Apple tree, Lemon tree, Orange tree, Ranch Sign, Crops (x6) Water tower, driveway, Grass, Dirt, wheelbarrow, Mailbox, Wooden Fence(x4),

Scaled to Epic skeleton: No
Physically-Based Rendering: Yes, The shader is generally quite matte with a small amount of spec.
Texture Size (please list textures for each resolution): 1 1024×1024 texture
Collision: Auto Generated
Vertex Count: varies per asset from 200-800 on average
LODs: no
Number of Meshes: 44
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 1 material
Number of Textures: 1 texture
Intended Platform: iOS, Andriod, VR, AR, Console
Platforms Tested: iOS,
Documentation Included: No
Important\Additional Notes: Vehicles are rigged in accordance with latest Unreal Guidelines.

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