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Unity Pro 2017.4.0f1 更新日志

2D: Change Outline and Physics Shape module behaviour in Sprite Editor Window. The module will only show outlines only when user has customised it.
2D: TextureImporter Inspector has an option to enable default Physics Shape for Sprites
Linux: Improved filesystem performance to handle large cache sizes.
XR: Improved background rendering performance in ARCore by eliminating an unnecessary OpenGL state reset.
XR: Updated Oculus to version 1.22.

Asset Import: Adjusted messaging around Substance Designer import removal.
XR: Android builds that enable ARCore no longer fail when the minimum Android SDK is less than 24.
XR: Standalone UWP applications targeting Windows Mixed Reality will now cause the OS to notify the user if the Mixed Reality components are not installed or a headset is not connected, rather than silently falling back to non-VR desktop mode.

2D: Fixed an issue that was causing the Physics Shape of a Sprite2D to not being properly set unless the ‘Edit Physics Shape’ tab was opened first. (990691)
2D: Fixed a crash after building and loading an Asset Bundle with Tilemap in the Editor. (976411)
2D: Fixed a crash when Tilemap is loaded with invalid Tiles in the Editor. (972214)
2D: Fixed an error message “A script behaviour has a different serialization layout when loading” when a Tilemap was loaded in players with code stripping. (969827)
2D: Fixed Physics2D.TilemapCollider.TileUpdate taking an extremely long time to update every time a script recompile happens. (966605)
2D: Fixed Tilemap not setting Tiles with the correct data in players with code stripping. (965608)
Android: Fixed a bug causing the loading of native audio plugins to fail on Android. (992023)
Android: Fixed an issue where the full-screen movie player didn’t autorotate. (962450)
Android: Fixed animation not played when screen sharing is enabled. (995841, 958223)
Android: Fixed a crash when a compute shader is being used that did not compile/link on a device.
Android: Fixed gyroscope lag issues that happen on some android devices. (912848)
Android: Fixed an issues when trying to use jobified rendering on certain graphics devices like GLES. (985591)
Android: Fixed a problem when there is no valid EGL context when running the player loop. (952769)
Android: Fixed Skybox distortion on specific Android devices with Vivante GC1000/GC2000 GPU. (967646)(903140)
Animation: Fixed a crash caused by invoking QueryComponentByType() when code stripping is enabled. (962745) (938640)
Animation: Fixed an issue where AnimatorOverrideController.ApplyOverrides was executing unnecessary operations, causing performance issues. (996351)
Animation: Fixed Animator Layer not deselected when clicking on the graph part of the UI. (996153)
Animation: Fixed Animator.GetBehaviours returning an empty array after saving scene. (975824) (966082)
Animation: Fixed a crash when calling Animator.MatchTarget without a controller. (975555)
Animation: Fixed a crash when importing animator controller with null transitions. (986004)
Animation: Fixed editor crashing on WalkTypeTree after removing any component while in Animation record mode. (978930)
Animation: Fixed state deselection in the Animator State Machine. (950805)
Animation: Fixed Timeline Sequence not firing Animation Events. (947918)
Asset Bundles: Fixed a crash when loading meshes from asset bundles that contain both compressed and uncompressed meshes. (984070)
Asset Bundles: Fixed packing AudioMixerController, AudioMixerGroup and AudioMixerSnapshot into bundles with disabled type trees. (976768)
Asset Import: Fixed AssetPostprocessor.OnAssignMaterialModel not being called for all models when importing materials as sub-assets. (983321)
Asset Import: Fixed a crash when importing fbx .meta files that contain references to non-existing scripts or when scripts ID was too large. (999833, 990267)
Asset Importing: Fixed an issue with MonoScripts for StateMachineBehaviour derived classes not being extracted from managed plugins. (963958)
Audio: Fixed a bug where AudioManager::Update was generating a small amount of garbage memory, if a spatializer was selected, that would later need to get garbage-collected. (991111)
Cache Server: Fixed an issue where using a Cache Server and reimporting Assembly Definition files would fail to trigger rebuilding of the assembly. (975773)
Cloud: Fixed exception when building in Cloud Build with Performance Reporting enabled. (996950)
Editor: Fixed a Windows-specific crash in YAMLMerge when trying to merge files. (1001450)
Editor: Fixed early flipping of login page in Mac by increasing the timeout. (980070)
Editor: Fixed an editor crash when renaming GameObject with long name on Windows. (991619)
Editor: Fixed an Editor hang when merging large changesets or large scene files with Collaborate. (971434)
Editor: Fixed Editor window, Panel and all related managed object leaking. (996204, 988580)
Editor: Fixed issue with “Rider 2017.2.1.app” not being recognized as Rider code editor. Now recognizes “Rider*.app”.
Editor: Fixed an issue with only assemblies whose name start with “Assembly” being debuggable on IL2CPP platforms.
Editor: Fixed an issue with UWP build failing when using .asmdef assemblies. (979704)
Editor: Fixed Skinned Mesh not being removed on undo. (925835)
Editor: Fixed YAMLMerge performance issue when merging large files. (1001461)
Fixed uninstalling Unity leaving sketchupapi.dll behind. (994283)

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