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Unity Pro 2018.1.0f2特征

2D: [Experimental] Added experimental API to support Sprite animation.
2D: [Experimental] Added the ability for you to add functionality for Sprite editing in the Sprite Editor Window.
Android: Added a new interface, IPostGenerateGradleAndroidProject, with a callback that Unity calls after it generates the Android Gradle project, but before it builds it.
Android: Added a new setting, Sustained Performance Mode, which sets a predictable, consistent level of device performance over longer periods of time without thermal throttling.
Android: Added ARM64 (also known as AArch64) experimental support.
Animation: Added Position Constraint, Rotation Constraint and Scale Constraint components.
Also see “Constraint Creation” and “Constraint Activation” items.
Animation: Added new Parent Constraint component.
Multisource Animation:

Animation: Added the Aim Constraint component.

Animation: Added weighted tangent support to AnimationCurve.
Animation: Constraint Activation:

Animation: Constraint Creation:

Asset Import: Added support for importing Aim constraints from FBX files.
Asset Import: Added support for importing Parent Constraints from FBX files.
Asset Import: Added support for importing Point, Orient and Scale constraints from FBX files.

Asset Import: Added OnPreprocessAsset callback in AssetPostprocessor (also see API changes) .
Asset Import: [Experimental] Added experimental API to generate Textures/Sprites from Importer Settings.
Audio: Added Google’s Resonance Audio plug-ins.
Build Pipeline: Added ability to store and retrieve GameObject references by name through EditorBuildSettings.
Build Pipeline: Added new API for changing platform icons. It supports platform-specific icon types and multi-layer icons. See documentation on PlayerSettings.SetPlatformIcons for more information.
Build Pipeline: Added new BuildReport API. Building Players and AssetBundles now returns a BuildReport object that allows you to query information about the build process and outputs.
Build Pipeline: Android Build & Run now has target device selection in Build Settings. This allows you to deploy to either a specific single device, or to all supported devices simultaneously.
Cache Server: Added -CacheServerIPAddress command line argument to connect the Editor to specified Cache Server on startup.
Editor: Added a Clear on play button to the Unity Profiler window.
Editor: Added a preset class that allows you to save serialized information about a GameObject to a .preset Asset, and apply it later to the same GameObject type.

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