Unity Pro是一个非常强大的工具,可以让我们创建自己的可视化游戏,另外在互联网上我们可以找到大量的视频课程,这些课程明显有助于我们一步一步地执行所有必要的操作。

Unity Pro制作的电影预告

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Unity Pro 2018.3.14f1更新日志:

XR: Update Vuforia to version 8.1.7.

2D: Fixed sprites referencing both the original Sprite assets and Sprite Atlas resulting in increased memory usage. (1071494, 1138745)
Android: Adds the ability to opt-out from stopping gradle daemons upon editor exit. (1098578, 1137237)
Android: Fixed UI mask on older PowerVR devices. (1106269, 1148371)
Animation: Fixed crash when state has “too many” scripts attached. (1137055, 1147371)
Animation: Fixed editor crashing on GfxDevice::ApplyBlendShape when playing animation preview. (1131617, 1134640)
Audio: Fixed user selection not being respected for dsp buffer size in the audio settings. (1129895, 1147370)
Editor: Fixed cloth component attached to an object disabling the Transform tools. (962773, 1141582)
Editor: Fixed NullReferenceException when dragging Reorderable list items. (1146538, 1147489)
Editor: Fixed the issue with GameView Scale’s minimum value being dependent on the windows display scaling factor. (1099270, 1138042)
Editor: Fixed UnityEngine.RectOffset causing GC.Collect() to be called at regular intervals causing noticeable lag spikes when using. (1130308, 1142535)
Editor: Removed usage of DescriptionAttribute to change the display name of enum values in the inspector has been removed. (1115381, 1130990)
Facebook: Fixed gameroom build failing with error. (1087728, 1143521)
Graphics: Fixed Crash when calling Graphics.ExecuteCommandBuffer() if CommandBuffer.SetShadowSamplingMode() is used before it. (1102773, 1141338)
Graphics: Fixed shadow lights and shadow casters culling when shadows are disabled. (1072624, 1116345)
Graphics: Optimizes single-colored ambient probe updates. (1115645, 1136077)
Linux: Fixed multiple identical webcams on not supported on Linux. (1115884, 1123760)
Package Manager: Fix Closing the ‘Reset Packages to Defaults’ confirmation window still resets the Packages. (1134754, 1137061)
Scripting: Fixed the need for a reference on an assembly. Allow empty assembly definition references. (1130125, 1136095)
Shaders: Fixed shader include path issues with Collab projects including shaders in packages. (1115287, 1146525)
Shaders: Introduced UNITY_SETUP_STEREO_RENDERING macro and setupStereoEyeIndex()/getStereoMatrixVP(eyeIndex) helper methods to support various stereo rendering methods in GLSL. (990291, 1149405)
Shadows/Lights: Fixed shadow culling issue with directional light when the light direction is almost orthogonal to the normal. (1064533, 1142578)
Terrain: Fixed SplatDatabase::CheckConsistency crash when opening a Gaia Scene. (1132798, 1142742)
Timeline: Fixed notifications crash when instantiating GameObjects. (1129866, 1139321)
Video: Fixed overflow of texture release command queue for Apple Metal when running headless (1127529, 1138252)

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