Unity Technologies最近发布了其最新版本的实时引擎,其中包含280多项新功能和改进,包括更新的Scriptable Render Pipeline,Shader Graph,GPU Lightmapping以及对High Definition Render Pipeline和Post Production Stack的一些更改。



Unity Pro 2019.1 animation rigging
Unity Pro 2019.1 animation rigging


Unity Pro 2019.1 timeline signals
Unity Pro 2019.1 timeline signals

Linux用户将很高兴在这里可以预览兼容版本的Unity Editor。


Unity Pro 2019.1 Megacity
Unity Pro 2019.1 Megacity



Android: Fixed black bar shown on Android9+ devices without notch when in non-fullscreen mode. (1144669, 1148770)
Android: Fixed occasional crash on Moto G when using split binary and loading Asset Bundles from StreamingAssets. (1145139, 1150054)
Asset Pipeline: Asset Bundles – Fix non-deterministic data in asset bundle when using Prebake Collision Mesh. (1116173, 1133370)
Audio: Fixed clip preview autoplay in the object selector. (1126745, 1151363)
Audio: Fixed crash when creating Presets of AudioManager settings and then modifying AudioManager. (1141203, 1151367)
Build Pipeline: Fixed AssetBundles being build differently on each rebuild when “Prebake Collision Mesh” option is on. (1116173, 1133370)
Editor: Fix GameObject preview flickering on mac (1132433, 1150247)
Editor: Fixed attempting to move an entire light probe group ends up selecting a single probe instead. (1115849, 1144908)
Editor: Fixed mouse position in new Input System on mac editor. (1145645, 1151369)
Editor: Fixed the preview pane in the object selector.
Editor: Fixed UI value synchronization for audio mixer send effects. (1139634, 1151365)
GI: Fixed we don’t check if a point is behind the camera or not. These point should not be included in the selection. (1129856, 1143127)
GI: Total Bake Time is shown as 0:00:00 in Progressive Lightmapper when Prioritize View is disabled. (1095980, 1143691)
Graphics: Fixed bug when SRVs were not correct for Texture2DMSArrays. (1130212, 1145304)
Graphics: Fixed crash in CameraStackRenderingState::ReleaseResources when exiting play mode. (969092, 1151379)

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