Unity 3D是一个非常强大的工具,可以让我们创建自己的可视化游戏,另外在互联网上我们可以找到大量的视频课程,这些课程明显有助于我们一步一步地执行所有必要的操作。


Unity Pro 5.6.4 p2 更新日志
(930830) (936512) – AI: Fixed unwanted gap in the NavMesh produced by a concave edge crossing a tile boundary.
(956599) – Android: Fixed header availability in UnityWebRequest when response uses chunked transfer.
(943954) (924891) – Animation: Fixed an irrelevant assert in Animation Component.
(942296) – Build: Fixed exceptions in OnPreProcessBuild not halting the build process correctly.
(920536)(920116) (958239) (947004 – Build: Fixed a crash in BuildReporting::BuildReport::BeginBuildStep caused when BuildAssetBundles was being called from an OnPreprocessBuild callback.
(935463) – Graphics: Fixed updating of bounding boxes for SkinnedMeshRenderers with ‘Update When Offscreen’ set.
(955082) – Graphics: Fixed an issue where performing an undo on a Static Lightmap Object caused an error related to transforms to be reported.
(963062) – OSX: Fixed hang for Metal when using MSAA on OSX 10.11 for Nvidia GPUs.
(None) – OSX: Fixed startup crash on OSX 10.11 and iOS 7 with Metal.
(946307) – Physics: Fixed GameObject with a disabled cloth component not following parent’s transform.
(951901) – Scripting: Fixed crash in debugger when trying to stop while a single step operation is in progress
(949127) – Scripting: Fix 64-bit type packing in the iOS runtime
(959867) – tvOS: Fixed icon asset catalog setup when certain multi-layer icons are missing.
(759166) – UWP – Fixed “Run in Background” player setting not making player to ignore minimize events.
(962253) – VR: Fixed iOS Google VR Podfile not reporting the correct version.
(941166)(775206 – WebGL: Enabled fullscreen support in Safari >= 10.1.
(957491) – XR: Fixed issue with Camera.stereoSeparation being incorrectly applied to Oculus HMDs.
(None) – XR: Fixed android driver issue by invalidating the depth and stencil buffers at the same time.
(892084) – XR: Fixed camera aspect ratio after disabling VR.