Instance Tool在UE4中实例化的静态网格编辑变得简单! Instance Tool是虚幻引擎的编辑器模式插件,它允许您在编辑器视口中快速选择/编辑/转换实例静态网格物体。


– One-click convertion between Static Mesh and Instanced Static Mesh
– Select/move/rotate/scale instaces directly in editor viewports
– Flexible select options (Marquee select, Select by axis, Lock/Unlock selection)
– Create instances quickly with Alt + Drag or standard duplicate hotkey
– Align instances by location/rotation or to grid
– Snap instances by axis
– Distribute/Line-Up instances
– Apply delta transform to instances panel with duplicate option
– Multi-edit supprt
– Hotkeys for Hide/Unhide transform widget and focus to selected instances
– Experimental Blueprint Instances Editing support
– Full undo support for all instances editing operations

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