ZIVA VFX是Ziva Dynamics公司开发的角色动画插件,带有离线FEM解剖模拟器的Maya插件,可以让我们创建逼真的角色,适用于在Windows或Linux操作系统上运行,它具有Maya肌肉和皮肤模拟系统。

Maya角色肌肉动画插件:Ziva Dynamics Ziva VFX v1.5

Ziva Dynamics Ziva VFX v1.5更新日志:

Support multiple integration schemes: implicit backward Euler, BDF2, TR-BDF2, quasi-static. Add zSolver.integrator to select the integrator.
Merge the zFindIntersections and zFindSelfIntersect commands into zFindIntersections.
Improved verbosity-selection interface. “ziva -vb” has been revised to accept verbosity levels from 0 (only show errors) to 3 (show operation and progress).
Deprecated hard attachments and hard contact. They continue to work, but are hidden from the Maya UI, and may be removed in future versions. New designs should use soft attachments and contact.

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