3D Max模型动画导入C4D插件MaxToC4D描述

直接导入3DMAX模型文件插件MaxToC4D,这是一款颠覆性的插件!MaxToC4D是一个插件来传输3DS MAX当时场景到C4D,只需点击2下,3D Max模型导入C4D不再费事,主动处理导入/输出疑问,以最快的办法,并以较少的努力得到最好的成果···

MaxToC4D 能够一键直接开3DsMax文件,还包括灯、摄像机、原料、纹路,乃至Vray材质等等···


NEW! v3.0 Changes:
Lof of improvements in Max Vray/Scanline to C4D Standard!
Lof of improvements in Max Vray/Scanline to C4D Vray!
Max Vray Proxy > C4D Instances support added!
Smarter convertions based on scene analysis
New Interface with diferent export options
Easily change temp path from interface
Vray-Logo appearing in C4D won't show when exporting in default mode!
Faster C4D V-Ray material Import!
Added support to Proxy/Instances,IES lights, Mesh/Turbosmooth, etc
Vray 3.0, 3.20. 3.30. 3.40 support
Future 3.xx version updates will be free for 3.0 customers

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