Allegorithmic公司旗下的软件有着全世界绝大部分游戏及建筑师的使用者,旗下有比如现在更新的substance-painter,Substance Designer,还有Bitmap2Material等免费的软件,Substance Painter的资源版本去掉了以往的序号,改成了年份的版号,此为2017.2版。

Substance Painter 2017.2.0 1736


Added :
Anchor Points - Layer and Mask referencing system
[Layer Stack] Ability to rename Fill and Paint Effects
[Shelf] 4 New Fonts (Japanese + Simplified Chinese, Typewriter, Segment)
[Performance] Project loading and stamping optimizations
[Substance Source] Updated Substance Source plugin
Added Splash Screen on startup
[Scripting] Allow to query Texture Set Resolution
[Scripting] Allow to get the status of the Painting engine

Fixed :
[Tool] Performance issues when tweaking material parameters
[Engine] Disappearing brush strokes when changing resolution (4K>2K)
[Shader] Non-PBR shader doesn't work anymore
[Sample] Meet Mat sample project Texture Set names are incorrect
[Shelf] Shelf path in the user documents isn't created automatically
Saving a project before creating a template returns write permission errors
[Shelf] Make presets compatible with previous versions after an update
[Bakers) ID Map Baking fail with Match By Name enabled
[3D View] Tangent space is not synched with bakers
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