Beat Em Up – Game Template 3D为unity玩家移动,玩家组合,玩家输入,敌方波系统,敌人AI,侧置滚动相机,音频管理器和健康系统提供了完整的解决方案.


– 敌人AI
– 2个可玩的角色
– 玩家运动
– 玩家战斗
– 踢和打孔组合
– 跳踢踢
– 地面打孔和踢攻击
– 敌人的波系统
– 键盘,游戏手柄或触摸屏控制
– 编辑游戏设置的工具
– UI管理器
– 健康系统
– 健康接送
– 3武器拾取
– 可销毁的对象
– 音频系统
– Mecanim中的角色动画设置
– 29个字符的动画
– 人形角色钻机
– 40个音效


– Added “character selection” screen
– Added a new playable character
– Added PlayerSpawnPoint to the level
– Added a ‘gun pickup’ and ‘baseball bat’ weapon
– Added ‘EnemyNames.txt’ to the project, so you can edit/add enemy names by editing the text file
– Moved the MaxAttackers variable from ‘Tools/GameSettings’ to ‘EnemyWaveManager’. So you can change the amount of enemies attacking simultaneously per level
– Added support for characters that have multiple mesh renderers
– Added option for enemy attacks to override player defence
– Removed linked components section in playerMovement and playerCombat. The code will now try to find all components automatically
– Added support for root motion animation

Beat Em Up – Game Template 3D v1.2 2017年12月7日更新