Bolt版本:1.3.0  2018年4月9号更新   文件大小:11.89 MB

Bolt v.1.3.0更新日志

April 6, 2018

Changed Folder structure (#610)
Added RenamedFrom attribute for types and members (#742)
Added Embedded loading for editor resources
Refactored Type deserialization
Added Support for .NET 4.6 compilation
Removed System.Threading dependency on .NET 4.6 builds
Fixed Invalid GUI actions whiles compiling
Fixed XML Documentation loading failure fatality (#1225)
Optimized Project XML documentation loading
Fixed Deserialization failure logging fatality
Added UnityEngine.Touch to default types
Fixed FlexibleSpace and Space NullReferenceException (#1349)
Refactored Decorator provider freeing
Fixed Missing valid constructors for objects derived from UnityEngine.Object (#1346)
Fixed Static types being excluded in AOT safe mode (#1409)
Removed SharpRaven and Newtonsoft.Json dependencies (#1373)
Ludiq.Graphs v.1.3.0

Refactored Graph element collections
Refactored Graph context and breadcrumbs
Added Dynamic element dependency resolution
Fixed Undo issues
Fixed Graph context validation issues
Added Dim disabling when mouse over or selected
Added Dim fade animation
Fixed Snap to grid when resizing min axes (#1392)
Fixed Graph inspector height calculation (#1400)
Bolt.Core v.1.3.0

Refactored Moved Variables and Events to core assembly
Fixed Error when merging a saved variable to a null initial variable (#1407)
Bolt.Flow v.1.3.0

Added Unit connection preservation
Refactored Unit definition error recovery
Fixed Internal KeyedCollection NullReferenceException
Fixed Non-component UnityEngine.Object drag & drop (#1262)
Added Multiple graph outputs warning (#1243)
Refactored Unit port description (#1348)
Fixed Conversion errors for missing component prediction (#1428)
Fixed Dictionary units not caching input (#1327)
Fixed Null warning for nullable value types
Added Inline inspector for nullable value types
Fixed Unit heading text cutoff when zoomed out (#1183)
Fixed CreateDictionary class name typo
Bolt.State v.1.3.0

Fixed State unit relations

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