Dialogue System for Unity可以轻松地为游戏添加交互式对话和任务,它是一个完整的,强大的解决方案,包括基于视觉节点的编辑器,对话UI,过场动画,任务日志,保存/加载等等。


Dialogue System 1.7.1更新日志

Changed: Added Hide() method to the IBarkUI interface.
Added: Support for actor Display Name. Name and Display Name (and localized versions) now also support [var] and [lua] tags.
Added: Dialogue Manager > Bark Settings.
Added: Bark Groups.
Added: Language text export in Dialogue Editor and Localized Text Tables.
Added: Response menu timeout option Select Random Response.
Fixed: Parsing error in text with [var] tags immediately followed by certain other tags.
Fixed: OnBarkLine sent to Dialogue Manager incorrectly passed speaker instead of subtitle.
Dialogue Editor:
Timed auto-backups (default is every 10 minutes).
Watches tab can now set variable values; added “Add All Variables” menu item.

Third Party Support
Updated TextMesh Pro, NGUI, TK2D & DF-GUI bark UIs to add new Hide() method.
Added: ArticyEditorTools.FindPortraitTexturesInAssetDatabase().
Fixed: Unticked dialogues are now properly excluded from import.
ORK Framework: Added UnityUIDialogueUIORKBridge to assist with Unity UI.
TalkIt: Added support for design-time and runtime imports.

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