Game Kit Controller是Unity坚实的第一/第三人控制器具有独特的重力和科幻功能!


Game Kit Controller v2.4b更新日志:

2.4b (当前)已发布 2018年4月3日

• Improved inventory creator manager and window editor
• Automatic inventory object creation
• Added option to configure the amount of objects to use or drop in the inventory
• Option to combine amount of objects dropped or drop all separated
• Added option to hide the mini map window, so it is only shown in the map menu
• Optimizations in damage detection for characters and vehicles
• Fixed issue when the weapon doesn’t auto reload if magazine is empty when the weapon hasn’t animation
• Improved gravity system triggers, allowing to configure a center point for circumnavigation on objects (jump from sphere to sphere for example)
• Improved collision detection for weapons in third person mode, if the player is too close to a surface, the weapons is placed in a stand position and the player can’t shoot the weapon, with cursor changing according to the situation
• No necessary tags and layers removed
• Removed all the GameObject.Find, FindGameObjectWithTag and similar functions for a better performance and improved code
• Added option to push character ragdolls on anything that can explode: vehicles, projectiles, explosive barrels, etc…
• Added option to configure if the character can be pushed or not by explosions
• Draw gizmos performance improved in all systems
• Added more custom editor inspector to some components
• Added option for realistic recharge to remove the remaining ammo from the clip and reload a full magazine
• Added pocket system for weapons, allowing to configure where every weapon is placed in the player’s body. Like this, if the player picks a weapon placed in an occupied zone, the previous weapon is dropped and the new one picked
• Added three new weapons: the sticky bomb launcher, the laser miner and a revolver
• Added option in weapons to make projectiles break through any object (vehicles, characters, surfaces, ….) a certain amount or infinite times (until the timer in the projectiles reaches 0, so it is disabled)
• Now, the fuel for vehicles can be used in three ways:
• While the player drives, the vehicle picks the fuel from the pickups in the ground
• Refilling the fuel tank using the inventory
• Dropping a fuel can using the inventory and picking it by driving the vehicle
• Added option to the laser mines to configure a timer to destroy them or a number of objects to have contact with the laser to disable the mine
• Added option to allow or not to grab objects when player is using the weapons mode
• Added option to damage multiple times the same objects if the projectile impacts a few times using the break through option
• Optimization in functions to manage health state, damage, healing, etc….
• Faction system which allows to configure the relation to all the characters in the game, for example a faction for the player, another for friend soldiers, enemy soldiers, etc…..configure if these groups are friends, enemies or neutral, group by group and relation by relation. This system is used for AI to know if it can attack or not to another character, so the tag system is not used anymore
• The faction system has options to change the relation type if one character of a faction attacks another, so the attacked character can be turned into an enemy for the character who attack him or turn the whole faction into an enemy. These options allows to turn groups into friends too

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