I2 Localization是目前Unity3D可用的最完整的本地化系统,支持Unity UI,Unity 2D,NGUI,TextMesh Pro,DF-GUI等,内置的Google翻译支持,可以自动将所有标签本地化为任何语言等功能。

I2 Localization v2.8.1f1 更新日志
NEW: Plural support with multiple Plural forms based on the target language
NEW: LocalizeDropdown now supports TMPro Dropdown
NEW: Adding a Term will automatically detect the Term type (e.g. Sprite, Font,…) (instead of always defaulting to “Text”)
NEW: Google Translation will now generate translation for each plural form of the target language
NEW: New Term Type: Child (it enables the child GameObject with the name matching the translation to that language)
NEW: CharSet tool now has buttons to select all languages, clear or invert the selection
NEW: Right-To-Left and Modifiers sections in the Localize inspector will now only show if the term’s type is ‘Text’
NEW: Confirmation dialog before deleting a Language
NEW: Modified the WebService to support translation requests using POST. This increases the reliability of translating large data sets.
NEW: Added a close button to the Error message in the inspector.
NEW: When the Verify WebService fails, it will now display the error in the inspector
NEW: LocalizationManager.ApplyLocalizationParameters can now use Global, Local parameters or a dictionary of parameters
NEW: LocalizedString inspector now has a button that opens the LanguageSource to allow editing the term
NEW: The LanguageSource now has an option to decide if default Language will be Device Language or the first in the Languages list
NEW: LanguageSource’s terms list now shows 3 dots (…) after the last term if some terms were hidden by the category filter
NEW: Sub Sprite Terms will now show the full path of the sprite (e.g. “Atlas.SpriteName”)
DEL: Removed the “Translate” button next to each translation to allow for more space. Instead, use the “Translate All” in term/language
FIX: Term Type ‘GameObject’ now works as expected
FIX: IOS AppName Localization was not exporting languages with regions
FIX: Clicking the delete button (“x”) of a disable button will now correctly delete it (no need to manually enable and then delete)
FIX: Google Translation will not longer fail silently when the target language is not supported by Google translate
FIX: Building Android Apps with a name including (‘) was failing
FIX: Sometimes when playing in editor, changing the language didn’t localize all texts