3ds Max是一个功能强大的3D应用程序,具有很好的绑定工具,本课程涵盖了逼真运动和动画角色的完整工作流程,内容展示了如何准备模型,绘制骨架,并添加控件:脚和腿控件,臀部和脊柱控件,以及允许动画师在反向和正向运动(IK / FK)之间切换的控件。


3ds Max is a powerful 3D application with good binding tools. This course covers the complete workflow for realistic motion and animated characters, showing how to prepare the model, draw the skeleton, and add controls: feet and legs Controls, buttocks and spine controls, and controls that allow animators to switch between reverse and forward movements (IK / FK).

Also, Lynda Character Rigging in 3ds Max,learn how to skin the character and create hand and face binding that gives you better control over subtle hand movements and facial expressions.