Marmoset Toolbag是一个强大的实时素材编辑器,渲染器和动画编辑器。从预生产到后期制作,Toolbag是每个3D艺术家在其开发流程中必不可少的工具,SSS认为他不像Vray那样渲染完成之后需要修改就得从新渲染,而Toolbag只要稍微调整下即可。


– Mac OS Support.
– Python Scripting & Plugin support – API reference.
– Improved refraction shader with two-sided refraction option.
– Added “Uniform” sampling mode for AO bakes.

Bug 修复:

– Updated substance support for newer file versions
– Improved normal map baking quality significantly for 3DS Max and Mikk tangent spaces
– Mesh reload now respects tangent spaces properly
– Various fixes to texture visibility UI in materials
– Fix for major baking artifacts / missing triangles with some meshes
– Modest bake speedup for AO, about 5%
– Decent improvement in baking preparation speed
– Better behavior with special characters in file paths in more cases
– Fixed texture naming issue in scene bundle exports
– Scene outliner now supports dragging objects to end-of-list
– Additive transparency fix for GI
– Materials without normal mapping now render with more accurate normals
– GI and local reflections now work better with perfectly flat geometry
– Improved color space for videos on Windows 10
– And many more smaller fixes

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