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Obi Rope v4.1 – Unity绳索动力学碰撞插件


Obi Rope可以在Unity中几秒钟内创建绳索,完全控制其形状和行为,绳索可以与环境相互碰撞,也可以与刚体相连,要求Unity 5.6.0或更高版本。


Obi Rope 01 - Obi Rope v4.1 - Unity绳索动力学碰撞插件
Obi Rope v4.1 – Unity绳索动力学碰撞插件


  • 使用样条曲线生成程序平滑网格,完成切线空间更新和法线贴图支持,无需为您的绳索手动生成几何图形。
  • 在运行时更改绳索长度
  • 模块化求解器:不要浪费性能,只能使用绳子所需的约束条件
  • 每个模块可调整的求解器迭代计数
  • 弯曲限制
  • 每个粒子针约束。
  • 在编辑器模拟预览。
  • 易于使用的编辑器粒子工具
  • 支持所有标准的Unity碰撞器。
  • 自动相机剔除:不可见的绳索不更新他们的模拟。



You’ll need to re-create all your 3.x ObiRope components, as internal data layout of previous versions as well as serialized GameObject data from previous versions is not compatible with 4.x.

### Added

Now you can bake the rope mesh anytime, saving it as a new mesh asset in your project. Useful for set dressing and generating static geometry. Only works for ObiRopeExtrudedMeshRederer and ObiRopeMeshRenderer. – More accurate collision/contact model, using staggered projections. – Approximate shock propagation for particle contacts. This makes particle stacking easier and stabler. A new parameter has been added to the solver that controls the amount of shock propagation. – Split material friction into static and dynamic friction. – Added rolling contacts w/ rolling friction. These are slightly more expensive than regular contacts. Can be controlled on a per-collision material basis. – Added ObiInstancedParticleRenderer, allows to draw particles as instances of an arbitrary mesh (requires GPU instancing). – Particle-particle collision callbacks (solver.OnParticleCollision)

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