Odin可以把Unity工作流程放在类上,使我们可以轻松地为整个团队建立功能强大和先进的用户友好的编辑器,要求Unity 5.3.0 或更高版本。



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Odin now deals with the fact that as of Unity 2018.3, outside references to components of prefab assets becomes “fake null” when changes are made to the given prefab asset. When this happens Odin will display a regular object field of a valid object wrapper, gotten from the AssetDatabase, along with a small button that opens up a dialog, where you fix the temporary issue in various ways. Note that triggering an Assembly reload, by entering or play-mode or recompile, also fixes the broken object wrapper.
All networking references that are no longer available in 2019, has been moved out of the assemblies, an into standalone script files, which are disabled in Unity 2019+
Added [HideDuplicateReferenceBox] attribute, to hide the wrapping reference box that appears when the same object reference is drawn twice.
Added IDataWriter.GetDataDump() and IDataReader.GetDataDump() methods, which gets a string data dump of what the reader/writer is currently working with, for debug logging purposes. Also added implementations for this in the Binary, Json and Node data reader/writers.


Various places in the code that log errors no longer throw exceptions when the reader/writer has no stream, but instead log the full data dump. This will greatly help with reproduction in case of invalid reading of data/corrupt data.
Created a fix for an issue with prefab references turning being destroyed and showing as null in the inspector when the referenced prefab asset is modified in 2018.3 and above. Odin can now automatically (or case-by-case) detect and fix these broken references.
Dictionary now adds copies of the value to add to the actual dictionary, meaning the same reference will not be added repeatedly if you are working with reference type keys.


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