Third Person Controller – Melee Combat Template是AAA质量第三人称控制器,支持5.6.1 及以上版本。

Melee Combat Template v2.3.0 更新日志

– add MeleeClickToMove demo scene (Diablo combat style)
– add Jump Multiplier Spring example in the Basic Locomotion scene
– add namespace on all vScripts
– add vHealthController (You can use this component to have health into generic objects without the need of a vCharacter which now inherits from the vHealthController)
– add OnEnterLadder/Exit Events
– convert Legacy Particles to Shuriken
– fix rotation bug with Generic Actions and Ladder
– fix Basic Locomotion tab not showing in Mac OS devices
– fix Ragdoll issues
– improved Standalone Character
– improve attack exit transitions smoothness
– update several scripts to avoid over warnings using Unity last API
– update and fixed several prefabs and scenes
– update project to Unity 5.6.1

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