Phoenix FD是一个老牌的插件,中文名是凤凰火焰,早期只能模拟跟fumeFX相同的爆炸烟雾的特效,之后官方将模拟流体的功能也加入进去,使PhoenixFD同时可以模拟俩者,一气呵成。

以上是官方对Phoenix FD 3.0新增功能的演示视频

PhoenixFD 3.11.00更新日志:

Phoenix FD 3.11.00 (May 30 2018)
New features:
(*) FLIP Solver: Simulate the RGB channel of Foam, Splash and Mist particles
(*) Cache I/O: Direct loading of huge sparse OpenVDB caches without downsampling
(*) Particle Texture: Color the Particle Texture based on Particle Channels such as Age, Velocity, RGB, etc.
(*) Mapper: Added Affected Particle Systems list to the Mapper so it can separately affect Foam, Splash and Mist
(*) Submitting Simulations: Deadline 10 support in the Submit Simulation menu

(*) Preview: Sped up the Preview Auto Range algorithm
(*) Scene Body Interaction: Sped up the scene interaction with complex or moving geometries
(*) Cache I/O: Optimized loading of caches containing Velocity channel
(*) Cache I/O: Added channel smoothing options for the Velocity channel
(*) Cache I/O: Allowed grid Channel Smoothing to be applied over imported channels with any value range
(*) Cache I/O: Apply the Smoothing Random Variation over all voxels regardless of the Smooth Threshold
(*) Volumetric Shader: Sped up velocity sampling during volumetric motion blur
(*) Particle Shader: Sped up rendering in Bubble, Cellular and Splash mode using the Phoenix Light Cache up to 2x
(*) Ocean Mesher: Sped up the Displacement Fade Volume algorithm with complex or moving geometries
(*) Body Force: Sped up the Body Force with complex or moving geometries
(*) Grid Texture: Box, Linear and Spherical Sampler Type for the Grid Texture
(*) Maya Integration: Export a “phoenix_velocity” color set in Maya Mesh mode in order to have motion blur in this mode and for exported Alembics
(*) Maya Integration: Use distance attributes for all distance, velocity and acceleration options of Phoenix
(*) Maya Integration: Duplicate Particle Group nodes when duplicating a Simulator if Foam or Splash simulation is enabled
(*) Maya Integration: Put the ‘Based on’ section at the top of the Fire, Smoke Color and Smoke Opacity rollouts in Maya
(*) SDK: Exposed a PhoenixTextureNode base class for recognizing Phoenix texture nodes

Removed features:
(*) Cache I/O: Dropped support for the AUR1 cache format. Caches simulated with Phoenix builds before 13 Mar 2015 will not open anymore
(*) Ocean Texture: Removed the Meter Scale option. Now the Wind Speed option is handled identically to 3ds Max and by default is always 3 m/s, regardless of the scene scale

Bug fixes:
(*) FLIP Solver: Viscosity calculations used extra memory and processing time even without Variable Viscosity
(*) FLIP Solver: Foam Pattern forces pushed particles vertically which makes them less effective
(*) FLIP Solver: Crash when the Mapper affects a FLIP particle channel which was not enabled in the Simulator Output
(*) FLIP Solver: Liquid and Foam particles sometimes get shot away on collision with Confine Geometry
(*) FLIP Solver: Fillup for Ocean did not clear the volume of Solid bodies with Clear Inside
(*) FLIP Solver: Voxels under the Fillup For Ocean level and cut by Confine Geometry were not included in the ocean mesh
(*) FLIP Solver: The Time Scale parameter did not take any effect if animated or changed during FLIP liquid simulation
(*) FLIP Solver: Could not start FLIP liquid resimulation if the first frame had 0 liquid particles
(*) FLIP Solver: Liquid Source Motion Velocity did not work for emitted Foam and Splash particles
(*) Scene Body Interaction: Voxelization became increasingly slower until Maya was closed and re-opened
(*) Volumetric Shader: Smoke rendering with “Ray-traced” Scattering produced brighter GI when compared to 3ds Max
(*) Volumetric Shader: Rendering in Volumetric mode with a spherical camera and manual clipping planes flipped the back side of the image
(*) Particle Shader: Bubbles and Splashes were rendered differently on a different number of threads with Phoenix Light Cache enabled
(*) Particle Shader: Grid Texture plugged into the Color Map of a Particle Shader did not map correctly when Auto Mapping was off and Use Liquid Simulator was on
(*) Particle Shader: Particle Texture plugged into the Color Map of a Particle Shader did not map correctly when Use Liquid Simulator was on
(*) V-Ray RT and IPR: Volumetric Geometry mode rendered black with V-Ray IPR
(*) Ocean Mesher: The Displacement Fade Volume caused grid artifacts on the ocean mesh
(*) Wave Force: The Wave Force had its up axis reversed
(*) Wave Force: Boiling effect on the open grid borders when using Wave Force with Fillup for Ocean
(*) VRScenes: Crash when the transforms of the PhxShaderSim plugin and the Node plugin in Volumetric Geometry mode were mismatched in a VRScene
(*) Cache I/O: The grid RGB channel was missing when saving the cache files in OpenVDB format since Phoenix FD 3.10
(*) Cache I/O: Wrong velocity direction and motion blur when importing OpenVDB files from FumeFX
(*) Cache I/O: Wrong velocity scale when importing OpenVDB files from Maya Fluids
(*) Cache I/O: Couldn’t load OpenVDB files whose “file_voxel_count” metadata is 0, though they contain active voxels
(*) Cache I/O: Crash when writing cache files at the exact moment while the same or another simulator is reading them
(*) Cache I/O: Cache saving became increasingly slower until Maya was closed and re-opened, since Phoenix FD 3.10
(*) GPU Preview: GPU preview in Viewport 2.0 did not take into account the Max Lights option
(*) Preview: Body Force force preview did not update when the simulator or the body was moving
(*) Preview: Crash when simulating two interacting simulators and zooming the viewport
(*) Presets: Maya Fluids preset enabled the mesh preview
(*) nParticles: Incorrect emission from nParticles if a number of particles died
(*) Render Curves: Adding a new spline point to a straight sloped section in the render diagrams produced curvature
(*) Maya Integration: Quick Setups created the Simulator with wrong size if Maya units were not centimeters
(*) Maya Integration: If all light links were broken for a Simulator, all lights started illuminating it
(*) Maya Integration: Light Linking did not affect the Particle Shader
(*) Maya Integration: Fixed a MEL error when using the Set Selected Object as Confine Geometry button
(*) Maya Integration: Adding GPU preview lights or forces via the GUI buttons replaced the sets instead of appending to them
(*) Maya Integration: phxfdStartBatch()’s start and end frames were clamped by the start and end of the timeline
(*) Maya Integration: Cached Frames info was updated only after playing through the cached frames
(*) Maya Integration: “…” menu worked in only one Attribute Editor window when Copy Tab was used

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