Pseudo Effect Maker为您提供了一个简单,用户友好的界面,可让您快速,轻松地开发,整理和应用自定义效果控件,然后,这些控件可用于驱动After Effects项目中的表达式和图层,并将其保存为预设,以便您可以快速重用它们,或者让其他用户可以使用您创建的工具。

支持After Effects CC 2018 – CC


> New Feature: Auto Save -> While editing your pseudo effect, the Pseudo Effect Maker will automatically save your control and will load it automatically upon reopening
> New Feature: Display Indexes -> You can now toggle index display on and off. The indexes can be useful when writing expressions for your pseudo effects
> New BETA Feature: Read Expression Controls (CC 2017 and newer only) -> Create your controls by reading and Expression Controls that are applied to a layer.
> Minor Feature: Control count is now shown in the menu.
> Bug Fix: Dragging and dropping controls should now be more controlled and consistent
> Bug Fix: ‘File Not Found’ error when applying a control should no longer appear
> Other minor bug fixes and text fixes

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