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Puddles Streams Lava Wetness v2.6 – Unity地形插件


MicroSplat的Paintable Puddles,Streams,Lava和Wetness模块增加了对可涂抹的湿度,水坑,溪流和熔岩流的支持, 还包括一个动态产卵系统,它允许水或熔岩倾倒在你的地形上,流下山。




2.6 (当前)已发布 2019年4月11日
MicroSplat 2.6 – MicroSplat now supplies a custom basemap shader for 2018.3, and allows the basemap to be sizes > 16. Turns out, GI in some lighting mode simply grabs the basemap texture and does not use the meta pass or original shader to generate GI data. This allows GI to bounce correctly on a MicroSplat terrain and fully reflect options like per texture tint, etc. – Ability to adjust contrast on stochastic cluster mode per texture – Ability to turn off stochastic mode per texture. Note this provides no cost savings. – In 2018.3, SplatCount tag is now set to reduce draw calls on >4 texture terrains – GeoHeight texture can now be normal mapped – GeoHeight texture can now be filtered by global height – Undo support for most material operations – Terrain Blending can now generate 3d noise to break up the blend between the terrain and mesh. This can be one or three octaves, and scaled on a per object basis.

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