Realistic Car Controller有着领先的功能,兼容Unity 2017,是unity车辆装配系统。

Realistic Car Controller特征:


Realistic Car Controller v3.2b2更新日志:

[Always backup your project before updating any asset or Unity Editor. Keep your own assets outside from RealisticCarControllerV3 folder. Delete the entire folder, and import updated version. Updating was explained in documentation]

Fixed connection error on Photon scene when player restarts.
Fixed when enter exit player spawns a new vehicle while in a vehicle from the options menu.
If enter exit player is in a vehicle, and player spawns a new vehicle from the options menu, enter exit player will be transferred to the new spawned vehicle.
Fixed halted camera mode when new vehicle spawned.
Fixed Photon chat on Photon scene.
Fixed enter exit player rotation when gets out.
Fixed not disappearing NOS button when steering wheel selected.
Overrided import settings for UI elements. Reduced build size.
Fixed wrong wheel positions when vehicle is upside down.
Fixed shaking wheels on high speeds.
Fixed motorway road surface on city scenes.
Fixed an error about Vector3.negativeInfinity for Unity 5.x versions.
Fixed other minor bugs.

Added position and rotation selections to visual suspension arms.
Added “Three Source”, “Two Source”, and “One Source” modes for simulating engine sounds.
Added automatic creation “Off” versions of the engine sound, if you don’t have it.
Three Source mode uses low rpm, medium rpm, high rpm, and off versions of them. Blending all sources according to engine rpm.
Added information labels to RCC_Settings for each behavior type. Now you can see which settings are overrided by selected behavior type.
Added mobile joystick.
Added counter steering factor.
Added fuel consumption.
Added engine oil temparature.
Added fuel gauge and oil temparature gauge to UI Canvas.
Added damage filter.
Added Recording / Playback system.
Added Recording / Playback UI info in RCC Canvas.
Added Interaction button for mobile UI. For ex, get in – get out.
Added Scene Manager that contains current player vehicle, current player camera, current player UI, current player character, recording/playing mechanim, and other vehicles as well.
Added orbit mode for hood/cockpit camera.
Added look back camera.
Added RCC Camera occlusion bool and layermask.
Added Park lights.
Added handbrake slip.
Added new bus model from Highway Racer.
Added new car model made by 3D Maesen.

Fixed indicator light seperation if local position is 0.
Fixed wrong lensflare strength when vehicle is far away.
Fixed blinking lens flares when vehicle speeds up.
Fixed stucked wheel particles when wheel hits 2 different materials at the same time.
Fixed GC and improved performance on terrain ground material detection script.
Fixed lagging vehicle when disabling / enabling gameobject.
Corrected import settings for all sounds.
Corrected import settings for all textures.

Renewed event based enter exit system completely. It will be supported on all BCG vehicle controllers when I update them.
Renewed UI.
Edited E36 vehicle model.

Improved engine sounds a lot.
Optimized RCC_WheelCollider.cs a lot. Removed all unnecessary lines in code.
Improved performance overall.

Removed duped RCC_UIDashboardButton scripts on few UI gameobjects.