RizomUV的前身是UnFold3D,2018年5月份官方将其更名为RizomUV,它跟UVLayout Pro都是最先进的UV解决方案之一,需要下载Max的接口的请点击链接。




– Fix: Crash when using topology-based symmetry in certain cases
– Fix: Tiles can be deleted
– Fix: All Similar Islands features (including stack similar) now give expected results in case of islands having multiple symmetry. They now both use the island topology and shape to determine the right mapping from the ones that comes from the multiple symmetries.
– New: Viewport Orbit can now have its rotation point under the mouse (ray casting to geometry is done to define the rotation point). This is the default mode, use the preference dialog to switch back to the View Centered mode.
– New: All similar islands features can now process symmetric islands (this is also true for stack similars)
– New: New translation button in the Gizmo (no more problem when the gizmo is to much small)
– Fix: Viewport Zoom now redefines the focus point using ray casting. This prevent from the geometry to disappear most of the time.
– New: Auto Seams Stretch Control and full AUTO UV are more robust. The UVs computed in the auto select task are now directly used as a flattening solution.
– New: AutoSeams Stretch Control now use a brand new algorithm and give far more robust results: no more self-overlaps and better control on the allowed stretch. (Disable “High Quality” to get faster results)
– New: AutoSeams Size Limiter. Cut too much big/long islands into smaller pieces as they can lower down the UV area usage A LOT.
– Fix: OBJ group list double after a click on “Island to Tiles”